4 Critical Details About Induction Ready Cookware

Induction ready cookware is not just an ordinary cookware that you can use on your gas or electric cooktops. Rather, it is specifically designed to be used in induction tops. Although some pots and pans are made of iron, not all of them can work on an induction cooktop.Stainless Steel Induction Ready Premium Cookware

What does it made of?

Pots and pans intended for induction cooking are made of iron. Most cookware is made of aluminum and glass. They don’t react with the magnetic fields present in this special type of cooktop.

The cookware must also contain magnetic properties.

Thus, when your cookware is made of aluminum, glass or copper, it will not work with induction cooking. However, you can still use it using an induction interface disk.

What is an induction interface disk?

If you cannot afford to purchase a new set of cookware that is compatible with induction, you can just purchase this type of disk.

This disk is made of iron, which is ideal for induction. It is also heat proof. You just have to purchase the one that comes with an easy grip.

Can you use stainless steel cookware for induction cooking?

Not all pots and pans are appropriate for induction cooktop. However, if their manufacturers clearly stated on their packaging that they are suitable for such cooking, then you may use them.

How to know if a cookware is induction-ready?

A simple test will help you know if a pot or pan is compatible with induction cooktop. What you need is a magnet. Place it on the bottom of the pan. If the magnet clings to its surface, then it is okay to use it on induction range.

However, if the attraction is absent, you cannot use it for induction cooktop.

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