Benefits of a Convection Oven

Convection ovens are still popular, despite its many rivals. Many sous chefs are still using it in helping them cook for their customers, and for home cooks there’s always the compact version that you can simply place on your countertop.

What is to like about this oven?

Convection OvenThere are plenty of things that you can like about it and one of them is its faster cooking time, it’s way faster than using traditional cookware. Unlike a toaster oven, a convection oven has shorter cooking time while providing you with evenly cooked meals.

Then, there’s also the efficient energy it utilizes, which is difficult to ignore.

Regardless of the brand you’re using, a convection oven can make cooking time a lot faster. You will find a lot of differences in these ovens though, so if you’re shopping for a new unit make sure to read reviews and best ratings before you make your decision.

Is it difficult to use?

If you’re new to cooking with convection oven, there’s a learning curve for it. This means that you will have to experiment before you will know the right temperature and time for a particular food.

Since a convection oven uses radiant heat coming from the top and bottom surface, you’ll find hot and cold spots. Unlike other ovens, this one has an internal fan that distributes hot air to create evenly heated environment for the food you’re cooking. Because of its steady supply of head, your food will be cooked faster. Not only that, it will brown more evenly as well.

There’s usually a need for you to adjust the recipe. There are two ways to do it. The first one is to lower its temperature by 25 degrees, and the other one is to simply shorten its cooking time by a quarter.

During your first attempts, you need to monitor the food you’re cooking for browning, texture and completeness. Through trial and error, you’ll surely know how your oven cooks. By experimenting with temperature and time, you’ll know what adjustments you need to make to achieve the result that you wish to have.