What are Some Easy Warm up and Stretching Exercises That are Good for You?

Injuries are likely to happen to you if you fail to observe appropriate measures before working out. Before picking up a barbell to start your weight training or jumping onto one of those elliptical machines rated by Indoor Ellipticals on their website (http://indoorellipticals.com/), it is important that you prepare your body so as not to strain or shock your muscles. Below are seven examples of simple warm ups that you can try:


exercisesDo this for one minute, not leaving your spot. Then, start marching forward and backward for another minute. You can add variety to this exercise by raising your arms up and down, matching the rhythm of your steps.

Neck rotations

Stand straight and take a deep breath. Relax. Tilt your head forward, and slowly roll it toward your right shoulder and then toward your left shoulder. Repeat several times.

Knee lifts

Stand stall and raise your right knee until your right thigh is parallel to the ground. Do the same with your left knee and thigh. Make sure that your back is straight and your abdomen is tight while doing the routine.

Knee bends

This is similar to squats. Stand tall with your feet a few inches apart from each other. Stretch your arms out and bend your knee. Do five sets of 15 reps.

Leg swings

Do this next to a chair, wall, or any other kind of furniture, in case you lose your balance. Stand straight and swing your right leg forward, making sure that it is straight. Then, swing it backward, taking it as far back as you can. Do 10 repetitions before switching to your left leg.

Shoulder rolls

Do ten sets of five forward shoulder rolls and five backward shoulder rolls. For better results, do these simultaneously with marching.

Arm circles

A commonly used warm up exercise in martial arts, arm circles work on the arm and shoulder muscles. Raise your arms to your sides, forming the letter T with your body. At Slowly make circles with both your arms at the same time, going clockwise. Repeat ten times and then switch to the counter-clockwise direction.