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Uh Oh! It Time for the Dentist

It happens to us all, at least twice a year. At least it should do. If you want to keep your teeth for the whole of your life, then getting in a visit to the dentist at least every six months is one of the best investments in you that you can make.

What if I want more than that?

Sometimes we want or need more care than just a regular cleaning. If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn or the metro area, then there’s lots more these days than just teeth-whitening.


Teeth move. It is a fact of life. Which is why we see more grown adults who have a smile full of braces or retainers. It feels like with all the pressures of ‘adulting’ we should not need to have our teeth adjusted too. Shouldn’t we have left that behind when we got a clean complexion and started paying taxes?

Getting Older

cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn

It is another fact of life though, that our teeth will need more care as we grow older. What used to be a simple filling now becomes a complete root canal and an expensive crown. Gaps open and we seem to need implants. How does this all happen?

Yeah! It really is worth the effort

Teeth are one of those things not to mess around with. You get two sets. The second one comes through when your head isn’t big enough to cope with the new big teeth and you spend a while looking awkward and gawky. But then it all falls into place. Your adult self looks better for having the right sized, pearly whites. That they have been looked after is obvious, and as the rest of the world knows, Americans have great teeth.